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WHY PAPER MARIO SHOULD BE IN SMASH (potential spoilers ahead maybe?)

Potential Attacks:

  • Basic attacks (smash attacks): Varying levels of Hammers (Sometimes Cudge could even show up around Mario when doing a Smash attack?)
  • Bobbery/Bombette/Boomer: Come out and obviously blow up after a few seconds
  • Koops/Kooper: Hit grounded enemies from a distance
  • Flurrie: Same basic concept as normal Mario’s F.L.U.D.D. attack
  • Yoshi Kid: Could be a potential grab attack? (color of Yoshi could change each time) Or if not the Yoshi Kid, Thoreau
  • Parakarry/Lakister (Or Yoshi Kid if he isn’t used as the grab): Up+B recovery move?
  • Vivian/Lady Bow: Could be some form of a dodge attack maybe?
  • Thudley: Potential Down+B move
  • Barry: Potential sheild

Potential Final Smashes:

  • Peach Beam: Smashes down onto the stage and sends anyone it hits flying
  • Crystal Star’s Supernova: Crystal Stars repeatedly fly across the stage and smashes who ever it hits off 
  • Kersti’s Power: Paper Mario becomes a shiny sticker (like the final battle of Sticker Star) and for a short while just becomes invincible and trashes through the enemies
  • There is also potentials to do one with the Pure Hearts but I’m not too sure how to make it really good, y’know?

Potential Taunt:

  • Goombario, Goombella, Tippi, and Kersti (changing each time you taunt), can come out and say something to Paper Mario. He nods, then they go back. And on Paper Mario’s stage it could even do what Snake’s taunt did on Shadow Moses Island.

Potential Stages/3DS Stage Locations:

  • Bowser’s giant sky Colosseum thing from the final boss of Paper Mario 64 image
  • Rogueport image
  • That freaky place where you fight the final boss of Super Paper Mario in Bleck’s castle image
  • The Sticker Fest image

Those are just the first ones that came to mind for each respective game. There are tons of other possibilities.

Potential Alternate Colors:

This one is actually fairly easy since a lot of them have already appeared in past Paper Mario Games


  1. Mario (obviously from all the Paper Mario games, this is the normal color scheme)
  2. Luigi (Thousand Year Door)
  3. Wario (Thousand Year Door)
  4. Waluigi (Thousand Year Door)
  5. Fire Paper Mario (Sticker Star)
  6. Ice Paper Mario (Sticker Star)

Reblogging since that snazzy Paper Mario stage was confirmed for the 3DS version!!


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